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Why Do I Blog?

Our life is our yoga is what my teacher told me. How we show up for our life in each and every moment is what truly counts. You can read every book, chase pleasures outside of yourself, set your sights on the next goal, and still end up in a space where you feel incomplete.

How can this be? What is the answer?

These blogs will represent, in a candid manner, my personal journey of self-inquiry, my yoga, interpretations of what I am reading, yoga poses, chakras, energy work and so much more. I am an avid reader of many ancient texts of yoga and long to share these ancient teachings and how it can apply to each of our lives.

What do you read or study to help guide you on your #personaljourney? What learnings have impacted you the most, and how? I'd love it if you shared your thoughts in the comments below.


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