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Be guided back to your truth by the wisdom of your body.

Yoga Therapy combines yoga-inspired supported restorative postures, mindful movement, breath focus, and verbal processing for mind-body healing...allowing you to move from a state of thinking to a state of knowing.

Individual Yoga Therapy


CW BODY+SOUL Yoga Therapy blends the best of mind-body psychology and supported restorative yoga to help you heal, grow, and thrive. These sessions are one-on-one and completely individualized to you, based on where you are now, what you’re working with from your past, and where you hope to go in your future. 


Starting with a personalized intention for each session, we combine movement and breath with verbal processing to create a state of embodiment, presence, and empowerment. When you get out of your head and into your parasympathetic nervous system, you’ll achieve a state of deep knowing; everything you need is already inside of you. 


Benefits of Yoga Therapy


  • Befriending and calming anxiety

  • Demystifying and alleviating depression

  • Relieving physical stress and tension in daily life

  • Processing and releasing trauma

  • Responding effectively to your own nervous system

  • Getting unstuck and creating momentum for life change

  • Finding more contentment and joy in life

  • Improving relationships with self and others

  • Accelerating the effects of traditional talk therapy if you’re working with a mental health professional

This all happens at a visceral, integrated level. You will set an intention and know that you’ll receive it as a new sense of awareness, new neural pathways, and new clarity emerge — not just intellectually but across all layers of your being.

What is happening to your body is happening to your life.

Your life is unfolding in your body but you don’t usually get to listen to it.

-Michael Lee, MA, Founder and Creator of Phoenix Rising



Let's see if yoga therapy is right for you. 

At CW BODY+SOUL, you can choose to practice yoga therapy through one-on-one Zoom sessions, or in-person. These sessions blend yoga, postures (hands-on or hands-off), and dialogue to calm and focus the mind and spirit. We use the highly regarded Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy method to help you discern the voice of the mind from the voice of the soul and metabolize stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, and grief.

We invite you to complete an intake form to register by clicking the button below. 




Kids and Teens Yoga Therapy

Cheryl is a former elementary school teacher with an extensive background working with many different styles of learners. If you have a preteen or teen interested in connecting to the body and breath through yoga and meditation, contact us for more information.

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