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Present moment is where it's at!

To quote zen master Hakuin Ekaku, “One should operate like beads rolling on a tray.”

Live in a way that is sudden, ready, and uninhibited. I’m currently taking a course entitled “The Essence of Yoga” by Michael Stone. He mentioned if you’re being present-centered (#embodiment) you can train in responsiveness.

We can respond to the moment-by-moment experience without our habits or internal scripts running in the background. Notice how the stories we tell ourselves often get in the way. Many of us also tend to have a fear of letting go of habit. We can find the courage to let go of the habits which hold us back and make contact with what’s arising without clinging or pushing it away.

You get experience when you allow yourself to make full contact with what’s happening now. When we do a pose, we have this experience of the pose in the moment. We feel the sensations, breathe, and arrive in the present moment. These experiences on and off the mat give rise to insight which can lead you to finding your true self. To do so, as Ram Dass says, you must “be here now.”

Have you ever noticed how we tend to live on “autopilot” mode and it takes effort to make contact with the present moment? It can be difficult to drop the stories we tell ourselves and let go of habits that don’t serve us. I’d love to hear back from you about how your life has changed when you have allowed yourself to make full contact with what is arising in the present moment.


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