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Yoga for Personal Growth

It all begins with self-inquiry.

There is no need to read any book, ask anyone else, but yourself.

Sounds easy, right? It wasn’t for me. For the large part of my life I always looked to others to help me make decisions. I aimed for perfectionism and during my studies realized being perfect is just another illusion.

We are each born with unique personalities and “vasanas” or thoughts in how we view the world. We are taught at an early age by others what to believe. We are also told who we are. The starting point for me was to sit and ask myself, is this true for me anymore? That’s where my inner work began.

I like to use the expression “cleaning the mirror.” Ram Dass has written about the importance of cleaning the mirror so the reflection we see is a true reflection of our essence. This takes A LOT of honesty, reflection, and action or planting the “right seeds.” In this early stage of my personal journey, this subtle shift of awareness began to change the way I started to look at things in myself and my world.

As Wayne Dyer has written “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” We can all find ways to wake up a little bit more and in the process awaken our true selves. Yoga truly changes lives and helps with personal growth.


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