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You are in this world. Not of it.

“You are in this world, not of it.”

Who are we really?

I recently went to a lecture given by Deepak Chopra, on his book entitled Metahuman.

He discussed the evolution of man and how we can make real change and transform our lives when we begin to question and notice; 

Who am I ?

What am I?

We find there is existence. Awareness of existence. 

Current philosophy on science is based on naive realism (the case against reality), the physical body, and how the world isn’t real. Only you are real as a soul. It’s timeless. Everything else is a projection. All other species, including us, are projecting their own reality. I was captivated by his knowledge. 

He continued to share how “I am” precedes all experience. The rest is a story of our mind. Inherent existence is formless being. The mind is changing and body is changing. 

Changing mind, body, words, and appearance are modifications of formless awareness. All experience is just this. Everything else is just a human story. He referred to “SIFT,” which means: 

  • Sensations (sense perceptions) 

  • Images 

  • Feelings 

  • Thoughts 

In our yoga practice we lean into sensations on the mat and listen deeply. 

You’re in this world, NOT of it. “Metahuman” is waking up from the dream to who or what is dreaming and developing awareness prior to the conditioned mind. 

Remember yourself as the timeless inside the true self. Liberate yourself with knowing who you really are, beyond conceptual thought, which is a changing experience. 

Self inquiry, meditation, mindfulness of body (yoga), sensations of self, awareness of that which is being mindful will initiate the beginning of this journey within.

Prior to your “story,” ask yourself the following: What is me? Who would I be prior to these stories ?

I would love to hear your responses. 


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