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Yoga is so much more than the yoga body!

Let’s touch upon the inner workings of yoga.

For me, yoga is so much more than #asana (physical posture), but more of a way to check in with ourselves in a deep and meaningful way.

Looking good and feeling good is tied together for so many women but should it be this way? Absolutely not. We can eat the right foods, get exercise, and do what we can to stay in the best physical shape. However, the joys of the outside world or our physical attributes are always fleeting and/or changing.

We need to work on ourselves from the inside out. I have witnessed a glow in some of my students after my yoga class. It’s not about me - it’s about them. They have experienced themselves on the mat.

Yoga offers a way to dive deep within and connect on a much deeper level. Yoga, breath work, and meditation allows you to “find you and be you.” Life is about residing in that place of love and joy. It is your birthright and the true essence of who you are. Never changing. Live from that place.

How do you use yoga to check in? Do you have any tricks for staying in that beautiful place once you're off the mat? #findyoubeyou


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