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Yoga and Depression...A Personal Experience

My life and studies during my yoga training and private studies played a huge part in my motto choice. However, the LARGEST source of inspiration has been my father, James William Wilson. My father lost his battle to depression on December 5th, 1994.

I often wondered how someone can lose their way and go off their “path or #dharma.” On the outside, he had it all; a beautiful wife, house, good career, four kids, and a dog. I learned to cover up this turmoil through dressing up and smiling at everyone I met. I knew first-hand that nobody knows what others walk around with.

I understood my father had a chemical imbalance, but he seemed to have lost his way and had fallen into a slumber and forgot what truly mattered. The older I have become, the more understanding and compassion I have regarding my father and his issues. As an adult, I have experienced how easy it is to lose our way, get knocked down by life’s hurts and disappointments, and to not see things clearly.

I often wondered if only he found yoga it could’ve helped him heal his past hurts and yoke back to himself. Yoga can help with anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. I know I can’t change the past nor live by an “if only” mentality, I have made it my personal mission to start where I am at and teach yoga to others. I also feel especially guided by my Dad to share this work.

I would love to hear how you use yoga to help guide your life. Has yoga helped you understand and find compassion for others in your life, as well? If you feel inspired to share, I welcome your comments.

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Jamie McGough
Jamie McGough
Jul 04, 2018

Cheryl, I really understand what you mean by "if only." Every time I read about a new breakthrough for cancer treatment or even a new therapy that is more tolerable than what was available 10 years ago, when my father James Nicholas Rentas lost his battle, I feel that same ache in my heart. I am sure your dad is smiling down on your love, empathy, compassion and dedication to help others find peace and healing in their lives :)

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