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Interstate Love Song

As I drove down to South Carolina on highway 95 an old song from my teen years blared through the speakers, “interstate love song.” Leaving on a southern train only yesterday…

The familiar lines hitting my ears, catapulted me back to my younger self; where open roads lie ahead with endless opportunities. It got me thinking, do we really stop having endless opportunities OR do our own minds build constructs around the open highway of possibility?

Life indeed is an “intra” state love song of learning to develop that unconditional love toward oneself.

Is it possible to return to our natural state of openness that existed more in our youth-filled days before we were consumed with responsibilities, especially if we had children of our own?

What does freedom and choice still exist for us beyond our conditioning?

Life has many open roads of choices. In fact, we make them every day. It begins with the little choices to the big ones we make every single day. For example; how we wake up, we may not sleep well or have a bad dream, and bam!; there we are; attaching a story to it. The inner commentator has already solidified that today will be bad because of how we may have slept or rolled out of bed. We may feel a little off or tired but we can reframe our day or experience by taking responsibility for ourselves.

When you feel that your energy is low, it’s important to not become that fleeting energy and to take care of yourself by noticing what you consume by eating or the news you attune yourself to.

Is this helpful or hurtful for the state I am currently in? Applying discernment and choice is the path to build new pathways and not affirm your current state as permanent. Like the wind, it’s all passing.

As Krishnamurti, a spiritual teacher wrote, “freedom can only come about naturally, not through wishing, wanting, or longing. Nor will you find it by creating an image of what you think it is. To come upon it the mind has to learn to look at life without the bondage of time, for freedom lies beyond the field of consciousness.”

We are all on paths filled with limitless possibilities and sometimes what looks like a closed-door was the detour you needed to direct you back to your dharma and interstate highway of your unique life path and soul’s journey.

What do you choose to place your heart upon today? Where do you feel that in your body? We are constantly recalibrating our direction. Listen within and stay present.

With love,



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