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A Path to Home

We are born and we make these decisions along the way,

along our roads called life.

Some decisions feel great, and some...not so much, because I’d like to think of them as an “fgo” or a fucking growth opportunity. Sometimes we may get a sense for a path that is long and straight, and then something comes up that literally jostles us. It’s as if we hit a huge bump or get whacked by a gigantic, sharp branch.

This is where we need to draw the machete out and cut down those brambles and branches and really show up for ourselves, because nobody else will do it for us.

Then we find ourselves back on our feet and on our path once again. Sometimes this happens with a friend nudging us in the right direction or we get clobbered by a 2-by-4 that the universe sends us an alert to wake the hell up and make that u-turn. Have you ever experienced that? I know I have.

Sometimes we need to be the trailblazers and create our own path.

I have experienced that sensation of magically being guided by my own “inner knowing” to put something down because it didn’t feel good and go this way. It’s been more important to me now more than ever to truly lean into what my gut is telling me. As I have studied Buddhist philosophy as a Buddhist (yes, I took the refuge vow) and as a meditation teacher, it has led me closer to my own center of being or inner home.

This path is referred to in Buddhism as “dharma.” Dharma means “cosmic law and order” or can be applied to mental constructs. In simpler terms, dharma means the way things are. Meditation, yin, yoga are all tools to get there to your inner home and live in a way that feels good and helps establish a meaningful life (and not scratched up as much).

Countless generations before us, spiritual ancestors, wisdom traditions, Vedanta, Buddhism, and sutras all help support us in walking our paths.

These timeless teachings and teachers have cleared the weeds off the trail for us to follow to cause ourselves less pain. It’s as if someone else has tended to this trail for us to walk through it a little easier.

Stepping onto a path can awaken within us a clearer understanding of ourselves and our own basic goodness and sense of ok-ness, without depending on the world or other beings around us to do that for us. We know that is like expecting ice cream not to melt on a hot day.

As we take each step on our own paths, we begin to recognize and overcome ourselves, the traps of doubt, which can be giant potholes, and overcome our conditioned responses, that coat of armor we put on so the world can’t hurt us. "Armor up," says the ego. The work is to take that shield off and experience each step fully.

We also learn to walk the path with that strong spine and soft front to feel all of life and let it go at the same time. Step by step, breath by breath, we trudge along some parts of the path easier than others but we know no matter where we land, we are going, the moment is still NOW.

As we walk, we train in looking more clearly to see what is really happening. The path teaches us to awaken to how things actually are and develop skills of clear seeing and to cultivate good qualities of relating to ourselves and others. Our path and life through meditation become our study. In this way, we recognize that although the path is cleared, it is on us to learn through our own choices and know that even the branches, brambles,and 2-by -4s open us to greater self-discovery on our personal journeys.

What does your path look like? How do some of your life lessons relate to your life today? How does it inform your next step?

Please join us through our many offerings to help give you the tools that support walking your path to your truest self. If a practice doesn’t resonate with you, we offer many to get you there. I look forward to being your guide on this journey. To start:

  1. For the balance of 2020, our weekly sits (taking place virtually every Monday and Wednesday at 9AM) are free of charge for all to join. Just click here to sign up; you'll receive a zoom link for each session to join me and others as we begin our day with mindful breathing and meditation.

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