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The Gift of Presence

"Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity.”

-Simone Weil; Gravity and Grace

As the holidays are rapidly approaching, can we slow down enough to embody true presence for ourselves and others?

The days quickly pass as the holiday planning begins and we deck the halls and get ready for yet another year. Without finding a pause in our lives or time to rest, the present moment and the direct experience of our lives seem almost ungraspable or blurry.

I often have felt compelled to share meditations to help you establish a connection to the nowness through the foundations of mindfulness: the body, breath in the body, mindfulness of thoughts, and feeling tone or vedana. The breath becomes our anchor to keep returning home when we get distracted.

As the Buddha himself said, “be a refuge unto yourself.” To support this safe landing within our own inner home, this month I am excited to share one of my favorite practices, yin yoga.

At CW Body+Soul, I am passionate about blending my many amazing studies and teachings to help you feel more embodied leading to transformation off of the mat.

My yin style or methodology is a unique fusion of yoga therapy and yin. It will rejuvenate and renew your spirit as a form of self-care which is of utmost importance this time of year. Let’s practice together embodying full presence to more fully experience the magic of this holiday season.

I will hold space for you to experience longer held (3-5 minutes) yin shapes, which are safe for all levels, and mostly on the floor. Yin is a brilliant practice that addresses all koshas or “layers of our being.” Through holding postures, we get into the pose at our edge, feel sensation, and drop into the body for presence and release.

Yin is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and the meridian line theory. We balance our life force energy or chi. On a physical level, yin revitalizes the tissues of the body. As a pose is held, the subtle release that takes you more deeply into the pose is the tissues lengthening, hydrating, and becoming more pliable. If you pay attention, you can feel sensations of the tissues being lengthened, squeezed, twisted, and compressed.

This event is free and open to all, but you'll need to register to get the Zoom link to join.

With love,


PS: Please share this gift of presence with a friend or sister in your life to begin your holidays with more presence and gratitude! Just forward this blog post, share via the social media links below, or share this link to register:

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