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Where There is Smoke

Where there is smoke, there is burning cheese on the bottom of the oven!!!!!

It didn’t take me long to notice the smell of burnt cheese emanating from the oven where my homemade pizza was cooking. Small disasters can strike at any time. As I looked inside of my very hot oven, I noticed the cheese had dripped over the sides of the crust and melted onto the bottom of the oven creating a mini fire of sorts and a lot of smoke. Of course, these are small problems in the grand scheme of things but I started to notice my own reaction.

It was a mess to clean up and I noticed how life is like making homemade pizza, delicious, messy, not always turning out perfect, cleaning it up, and beginning again.

Infinite patience manifests results

I began to inquire within, can I stay connected with the difficult stories I was telling myself and be ok? Despite the pizza not being perfect, it is still edible and no, I am not the worst cook in the world!!! I am just doing the best I can. Can I be with that isness of reality?

This is where the rubber meets the road or the pizza melts, practice in action. I was able to answer myself with these inner knowings.

To best take care of my physical, mental and emotional needs I need to slow the F*** down and take responsibility for myself and self-care. This is important because what happens in my life is my responsibility, nobody else’s. This is similar to when you are flying, the attendants remind you to put on your oxygen mask in case of an emergency landing, then offer assistance to others around you.

Other tools I incorporate into regulating my nervous system and hitting the reset button if I feel triggered by burning cheese or on a much broader scale, watching world news of war in Ukraine.

  • Get into my body through yoga, a dog walk, or dancing around my kitchen.

  • Notice my own mental state. What am I thinking about? Are these thoughts serving me or taking me out of my presence? By bringing awareness to the tonal quality of thoughts, I can begin to notice how these thoughts are influencing my emotions.

  • Notice my emotions. Is there something active or quiet? How do I feel and how do I want to process these emotions to discover more freedom and choice in the way I want to show up!

  • If I am not feeling too activated, I may even take a seat on my cushion and meditate to stay present and not check out or add on to what’s arising.

I often will close any embodiment practice with gratitude. Gratitude for my family, friends, and loved ones, and for what I receive and am able to give each and every day.

It is crucial to give yourself time to be in touch with your physical, mental, and emotional well-being. This is not to bypass your emotions. It is perfectly normal to feel angry, overwhelmed and frustrated especially after covid times.

When we sit in discomfort, this is oftentimes fuel for huge transformations! The discomfort you are experiencing has something to teach you. Wisdom sits in these places.

If you are experiencing overwhelm or anxiety, to explore and discover resilience within, you might try this:

  • Take a seat on a chair or cushion, place one hand on your heart and one on your belly, and take three deep breaths.

  • Feel sensations in your body, any tension in your body, any hot or cold feelings, notice the signals your body might be giving you.

  • Be with the sensations without trying to fix it. They may shift or stay the same. It is all good. You are simply noticing and being with what you are feeling. Hello raw emotions, our best teachers!

When you actually give yourself a moment to witness for a few minutes, you can respond from your heart and wisdom space or informed action. I like to call it wisdom in action. However, that may look like for you. What new version of you is waiting to be born?

Sitting in imperfections alongside you!

With love,



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