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Break the Holidaze and Meditate

I love baking holiday cookies and cakes. I love the different butter cookies with sugar crystals on top, and then my warm, chocolatey chocolate chip cookies. However, this essence of *almost enough but not quite enough to make it a super fulfilling bite means I reach for one more, and another, and I think you get the picture. That idea that I will be satisfied with one more bite is already in the next bite of that other cookie. So I am already thinking about the next cookie and the potential satisfaction that comes with it vs. enjoying the bite I am savoring.

This is how the Buddhist idea of attachment works.

The flavor we seek, the satisfaction we crave is always in the potential of the next bite and/or next moment which is my small issue with too much goal setting. This means we are not experiencing the cookie or thing we are eating because this cookie right now, failed to meet our expectations in the way we had hoped it would the moment we put it in our mouth. Even if the next cookie, note IF, does taste better, or has more chocolate chips in it according to my specific preferences, then I will savor eat, and then eat more in hopes the other cookies will just be like that perfect one. More than likely, that will not be the case.

How can meditation help? Of course, we would end up here. Meditation is the solution because it trains us to notice our present moment experience fully and appreciate the cookie from that first bite. It is a great thing to build this moment-by-moment awareness so we can show up more fully engaged and in our lives.

Here’s to your practice! Click the header image above to join me in my Winter Solstice Meditation.

This month’s mantra: I am here, now. I let go of what doesn’t serve me.

Spreading my joy to you,


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